Posted in: Shopping Posted on: Jun 21st, 2016

A Snapshot of the Local Shopping Experience in Charlotte

Photo Credit: Public Domain

If you’re new in town and haven’t yet settled in, you never know what unique and interesting things might be just around the corner. This is especially true if you’re renting in Charlotte. Products and services you might not expect in your neighborhood are actually just beyond your doorstep, and they’re all delivered in a personable and helpful way. There are inherent benefits to shopping at local small businesses, but without some guidance, it can be hard to know where to start. Read on to discover local spots that you shouldn’t miss.

Ground Level

So you’ve just moved into your new place. The living room furniture is all arranged, the cookware is put away, and you’ve even begun decorating the walls. But still, something is missing. If this situation sounds familiar to you, the lack of ambiance may actually stem from bare floors. So if your floor needs a rug to tie the décor together, consider paying a visit to the Rug Gallery at Concord Mills. Conveniently located on Pit Stop Court next to Concord Mills Boulevard, this rug outlet offers all kinds of functional and decorative floor coverings. No matter what style, color, or print you’re looking for, Rug Gallery likely has it in stock. The shop even offers a full spectrum of services for your rugs, including cleaning, repairing, and appraising them. With a friendly staff and a ‘try before you buy’ option, shopping here is typically a great experience.

For Your Dinner Table

Few things satisfy more than a nice home-cooked meal, but how can you prepare a feast without the proper ingredients? A stop over at Ferrucci’s Old Tyme Italian Market should fix that problem. Not only does the market offer artisan meats and specialty cheeses, but also it provides you with a selection of fine Italian wines and provisions to choose from. Beyond that, the staff is always crafting fresh pasta and pizza dough to help add a special touch to your next dish. If you’re not known for your cooking, that’s no problem: Ferrucci’s has a ready-made meal service you can use whether you’re serving two or 20.

A Gift They Won’t Forget

When looking to get something special for a loved one, a box of chocolates often comes to mind. Sure, you could pick up generic sweets from your nearby supermarket, but it wouldn’t mean as much as buying from a local chocolatier like Davidson Chocolate Company. Truffles, turtles, and toffees are all on display here, not to mention handmade peanut butter cups and other wonderful confections. All of the products use high-quality ingredients and are made on-demand in small batches, so you know they are created with care. The shop even has a bakery on the premises, welcome news if you or your significant other love brownies. But really, anyone with a sweet tooth can appreciate the Davidson Chocolate Company.

A veritable bounty of local businesses is out there and waiting to serve you. Check out these great Charlotte locations and make your shopping experience all the better!