Posted in: Moving Pets Posted on: Feb 2nd, 2015

Moving With Your Pet: Pet-friendly Apartments in Charlotte, NC

Photo Credit: Dog by DoctorWho | CC BY-ND 2.0

Sometimes, living in a big city can have a number of advantages over living in a small town, especially if you have a pet. Since there are more people, it can be easier to find restaurants, parks and other amenities that cater to pet owners. As one of the most pet-friendly apartments in Charlotte, Willow Ridge notes that living in a big city also has advantages for your pets. Whether you’re looking for a place to spend time with your dog outside of the home or simply want a vet to care for your best friend, you’ll find a number of picks in the city.

Hanging Out with Your Pet

While you don’t necessarily want to enjoy every meal out with your pet, sometimes it’s more convenient to be able to stop into a restaurant or coffee shop when you  have Fido in tow. Some restaurants will allow you to bring your dog along if you’re eating outside, while others are designed specifically for pet owners. Take the Dog Bar, the city’s only off-leash bar. The concept is designed to mimic that of a dog park. Your pet gets to run and play with other dogs, while you and other pet owners can sit back and enjoy a beer.

The Canine Cafe of Charlotte is another place to spend some quality time with your dog. The  treats prepared in the cafe’s onsite bakery are decidedly for dogs only, though.

Off-Leash Parks

Does your dog need to spend some time running around outdoors? There are plenty of dog parks near Charlotte where he can burn off some energy. One option is the cleverly named Barkingham Park, in Reedy Creek Park. The dog park features four acres of space for pets to run off leash. Nearby Ramsey Creek Park is home to the Swaney Pointe K-9 Park, which offers two separate areas for dogs, one for smaller pups and one for dogs weighing more than 20 pounds.

Health and Wellness for Your Pet


Of course, your pet’s health should be one of your main concerns as pet owner.  Along with helping him get plenty of exercise and giving him a lot of social opportunities, you also want to make sure that he sees a vet on a regular basis and that he’s getting regular grooming. The Atrium Animal Hospital and Wellness Center offers a mix of services, from traditional medicine to holistic care. If you’ve ever thought about acupuncture for your pet, it’s one of the services offered at Atrium. The hospital also offers herbal medicine and reiki, as well as traditional care, such as vaccines, surgery and medicine.

If your dog is in need of a bath or hair cut, Dogs All Day can help. The full service groomer offers a number of packages, from a basic bath to a full haircut and bath. If you’re a cat person, Feline Fabulous specializes in grooming just for cats.

When you own a pet, getting settled into a new town and feeling like you fit in is not only about finding social activities for yourself. It’s also about finding ways to get your new pet used to the area. Enjoying the pet-friendly services and businesses in your new city will make it feel more like home.