Posted in: University Posted on: Dec 31st, 2015

The 3 Best Places to Study Near Johnson and Wales University

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Johnson and Wales University is located only a few blocks from downtown Charlotte and commands an amazing spot for students who are interested in soaking up Southern culture. While there are dorm rooms on campus, many students prefer Johnson and Wales off-campus living for its numerous freedoms. Students living in the apartments nearby can easily enjoy local culture, decorate to their tastes, and come and go as they wish. However, one drawback of off-campus living is that it is often more difficult to get in quality study time with so many diversions nearby. Therefore, it is vital to find a great study location to make one’s time spent in college as successful as possible.

The Library

The on-campus library is a great option for those who prefer studying alone in a quiet, subdued atmosphere. Johnson and Wales University Library is located at the corner of Trade and Cedar Streets and is part of Gateway Village. Open from 8 am to 9 or 10 pm most weekdays during the school year, as well as in the afternoon and evening on weekends, the library is a great choice for studying any time of day. The library offers numerous digital and print resources and streaming video collections. Patrons can also enjoy internet access through WiFi, copy machines, and printers. Those wanting to study in groups for projects can even take advantage of group seating in special study rooms. For a quick break, individuals can view one of the several rotating art exhibits or book collections in between studying for examinations or writing papers.

The Park

Of course, quiet spots are not for everyone. Some prefer to be out in nature’s fresh air, soaking up some sun or gazing at the trees overhead while studying. Those who prefer this type of scene will enjoy Frazier Park, located on West 4th Street Extension just two blocks west of the campus. Frazier Park offers plenty of peaceful green space with over 16 acres of land. Whether one prefers lounging under an overhanging tree, spreading out a blanket on an open field, or sitting at a picnic table to study, Frazier has it all. The park boasts a multipurpose field, basketball and tennis courts, and even a dog park, which is perfect for those who are keeping their furry friends with them in their apartments.

The Coffee Shop

On the other hand, some people simply study better when there is a lot going on around them. Those looking for a bustling, buzzing atmosphere with a modern feel can check out Not Just Coffee, located on East 7th Street in the 7th Street Public Market. Not Just Coffee boasts a clean and casual atmosphere with high, open ceilings and plenty of wood and metal décor. Ethically produced coffees are the rage here and are sure to keep students awake as they study. Large tables also provide plenty of study space for groups. While sipping an espresso or coffee, patrons can nibble on delicious handcrafted baked goods.

While these are some of the best places to study near Johnson and Wales Charlotte, there are certainly many more nearby. One simply needs to get out and look to find the best atmosphere and hours to fit their unique study needs.